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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Halloween Countdown Board

Last one of the night.  So sad.  I'm on a role!  And feeling a little witty tonight, frisky.  Better go find my husband, HA!

The Cricut cartridges I used were:
October 31st (Lite cart, but there are so many fun cuts on this cart)
Everyday Pop up cards

Well, I hope you all (whoever reads these) enjoy these fun projects.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email me:

Back to School Countdown Board

Number 4:  Every Mother's favorite holiday.....wait for it....Back to School, which my husband says is not a holiday.  But I beg to differ!  Hello!  Primary colors, of course make this board so much fun.  I used both the  Cricut and Eclips for this one.  It came together so nicely, don't you think?

Cricut cartridges used:
Walk in My Garden was the only one for the inch worms

I'm really using the Eclips more than the cricut when I can.  The software is SOOOOOO much easier to design in then Cricut craft room, which is sad because I love my cricut so much.  Provo Craft needs to pull their head out.  They are missing a real opportunity here!  I digress, here's the pic:

Fourth of July Countdown Board

Third post of the night.  Here is my favorite, fourth of July.  I have such pride in our country and such a gratitude for our freedom.  Personal thanks go out to our men and women serving our country and for the families that love, support and miss their loved ones every day.

Cricut cartridges I used:
Stand and Salute (of course)

The star in this one is chalkboard vinyl (to keep track of days).  You're getting the hang of it now?

Summer Countdown Board

Okay, here is the second post of the night.  This is the summer board.  I had so much fun with this one because I am so excited for summer this year!  In the sun is a white circle that is DRY ERASE vinyl so you can write in your days til summer there.  I had to order that on line, from H&H, love them!

Once again I used the Cricut and the Eclips.

The cricut cartridges I used were:
Life is a Beach
Sweet Treats

Easter Countdown Board

It's been so long since I've posted and I want you to know that I am always in the middle of a project, but I'm terrible at getting them posted.  So here goes.  I'm going to post 5 tonight.  I've been working on a series of "Countdown Boards".  Countdown to:  Easter, Summer, Fourth of July, Back to School, and Halloween are all completed and those are the ones I'll post tonight.  I'm working on Christmas and Thanksgiving.  And Valentines is already completed too, I just cant find the pic, so I'll post that one next time.

I'm going to really try not to go so long in between postings this time!

This first one I'm posting is Easter.  I used the Cricut and my Eclips machine to cut the vinyl for these and most of the vinyl is Oracal that I picked up right here at good ole JoAnn's!

The only Cricut cartridges I used in this one were:
Plantin Schoolbook

The rest are just SVG files I downloaded.